Do you have to stay at the hotels to do the tours?

  • A:  No, when you call for reservations, we’ll work that out at that time.

How many Wineries do you provide service to when using the Shuttle Service?

  • A:  Four (4)

How long can we stay at each Winery?

  • A:  The average time spent is approx. 1 hour; 2 hours wherever lunch is taken.

How much are the tastings at each Winery?

  • A:  The price varies but ranges between $6.00-$12.00 per person, depending on how many wines are poured.  “The Yadkin Wine Shuttledoes not pay for tastings.

What time do the Wineries open/close?

  • A:  Some open at 10:00am most close at 5:00pm.

What time do you pickup?

  • A:  Depending on the wineries visited that day, anywhere between 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM normally.

What time will the shuttle be returning back to the hotel?

  • A:  Because most of the wineries we visit close by 5pm, we’ll be getting back to the hotel between 6-7pm.

Do you offer gift certificates?

  • A:  Yes, gift certificates are available and make a great gift!

Can I write a personal check for services rendered?

  • A:  No, we accept cash or credit cards!

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