Distillery & Brewery Tours

Everyone’s not a wine connoisseur – maybe she is and you’re not, or vice versa. Maybe you just want a little variety. We have the solution! Visit our local distillery or two of our local breweries, or all three!

WRC Distillery

WRC Distillery is North Carolina’s first and oldest winery-owned distillery.

Featuring “Shadow Hawk, Killer Bee, and White Widow”. These spirits capture the subtle flavors and aromas of the wines or mead being distilled.


Distillery Hours:

Saturday Only
(unless by appointment)


Tour & Tasting Fee:

$10.00 plus tax
(pouring 3 liquors)
*Price includes souvenir snifter glass

Skull Camp Brewing

Skull Camp Brewing, located in Elkin, NC, has a variety of craft beers to choose from. Stop by and sample a flight of beer or purchase a “growler” to go or just relax and enjoy a mug or two while you’re there.

 Westbend Winery & Brewery

Westbend Winery & Brewery is located in Lewisville, NC and is the oldest winery in the Yadkin Valley. Westbend Winery & Brewery invites you to come enjoy a glass of wine or beer or both. Soak in the beautiful views and be reminded of its rich, long history.

List of wineries that offer beer or spirits:

  1. Windsor Run Cellars – (distillery/spirits)
  2. Round Peak Vineyards – (beer)
  3. Roaring River Winery – (beer)
  4. Herrera Vineyards – (beer)

For more information and to book reservations, call:

(336) 971-3472