Wine Shuttle Services

“Ride The Yadkin! Wine Shuttle to Yadkin Valley Wineries”
Yadkin Wine Shuttle Service provides safe and convenient transportation between the wonderful wineries of the “Yadkin Valley”. We will be glad to assist you in creating that special private tour. The options are endless! We provide transportation from participating hotels in the towns of Elkin, Jonesville and Yadkinville, NC for those who wish to stay overnight. The “Wine Shuttle” is an inexpensive way to enjoy the Wineries of the Yadkin Valley without the hassles of driving and finding the Wineries for yourself. We also offer a save and punctual “Designated Driver/DD Service” to those who may want a night out on the town, or a group wanting to ride together for whatever the occasion but not bother with the driving. Let Yadkin Wine Shuttle Service take the hassles of driving out of the equation for you. So enjoy yourself! While we do the driving for you!

Event Services

Yadkin Wine Shuttle Service will offer “Event Services”, if you have an Event coming up that you have a group(s) of people that you need to transport, We’ll be glad to help.

Our (12) twelve to (15) fifteen passenger air conditioned vans make for a comfortable commute from one location to the other.

Here are a list of “Events” that we could help you with, to name a few
1) Grape Festivals
2) Music Events
3) Weddings
4) Family Reunions
5) Company Outings

The options are limitless!

Once again these are just a few, give us a call if you know that you have an “Event” coming up to go over the details.
We do request that you give us at least a (2) two week lead time please.

Weekly Wine Tours

Our service operates:

Weekly Wine Tours: Tuesday – Saturday
We will be operating a Weekly Wine Tours Service to select Wineries in the Yadkin Valley area, running Tuesday thru Saturday each week during season ( March – December )

We will be visiting (4) four Wineries that day.
The size group you’re in will depend on the time it takes to do a “Wine Tour,” typically we spend approximately (1) one hour per Winery and (1) one hour for lunch plus driving time, this will give you a idea of the time it takes to do a tour. Remember these times are approximate, too it depends on how busy it is at the Wineries where we visit.

We’ll stop for lunch at one of the Wineries or eat at a local Restaurant if none of the Wineries we are visiting that day have a restaurant.

Private Wine Tours

Yadkin Wine Shuttle Service also offers private Wine tours to all surrounding Wineries. We will be glad to assist you in creating that special private tour. The options are endless!
We also provide affordable transportation service for special events such as Weddings, Reunions, Clubs, Dinner engagements, Concerts ect., just to name a few.

“Limousine Service or Passenger Vans available”

Whatever the occasion “Yadkin Wine Shuttle Service” would like to be your way of getting there!

Weekly Wine Tours Private Tours Faqs